2016 Central Ohio InfoSec Summit
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01:00 PM-01:45 PM
The CONfidence of Things

John 'Lex' Robinson

Founder, Decision Point Security
  • Business Sector: Technology
  • Business Sub-Sector: Information Technology and Services
  • I am willing to bet you already own the most sophisticated piece of security technology available - and I can show you how to use it...

John 'Lex' Robinson, a Principal Client Engagement Manager at PhishMe, and Founder of Decision Point Security has over 25 years experience in information technology and delivery of organizational change programs.

Prior to joining PhishMe, John was the Enterprise Disaster Recovery/Business Resiliency Manager for Cardinal Health, a Fortune 20 medical devices and pharmaceuticals supplier. In addition, he has consulted and managed technical teams and organizations in fields ranging from Security Awareness and Risk Management to Infrastructure Development and Service Delivery Process Improvements.

At PhishMe, John provides hands on program consulting, as well as, customized analysis and security awareness alignment for professional services clients seeking to reduce their organizations’ susceptibility to phishing attacks and develop a culture of active participation in the protection of company assets and information.

With the founding of Decision Point Security in 2013, John began working directly with small businesses owners to protect private, company and customer information by conditioning their employees to appropriately recognize and respond to security threats through awareness and behavioral change initiatives.

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